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Pak or PAK may refer to:


Arts and entertainment[edit]


  • Pak (Korean surname), or Park
  • Pak (creator), formerly Murat Pak, digital artist, cryptocurrency investor, and programmer
  • B. J. Pak (born 1974), Korean-American attorney and politician
  • Bo Hi Pak (1930–2019), prominent member of the Unification Church
  • Gary Pak (born 1952), Asian Hawaiian writer, editor and professor
  • Greg Pak (born 1968), American comic book writer and film director
  • Igor Pak (born 1971), Russian professor of mathematics at the University of California
  • John Pak (born 1998), American professional golfer
  • SuChin Pak (born 1976), South Korean-born American television news correspondent
  • Ty Pak (born 1938), Korean-born writer and speaker
  • Yangjin Pak, South Korean archaeologist

Science, technology and military[edit]

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